I don't let it bother me...

by John Rowland

if somebody doesn't like my music. For every person who makes a negative comment there are always 20 or more who say good things. Sure, some of them might just be trying to be polite, but it doesn't matter. I understand that people have different tastes in music and not everybody is going to like what I do, just as I don't care at all for a lot of super popular entertainers. I'm more amazed by the people who do genuinely like my music, especially when I feel I had a bad night. For me personally, as long as I feel one person is being genuine when they give me a compliment it makes it all worthwhile. I can't say how Bix felt, but as for reviews I don't even look for them. It doesn't matter if the review is good or bad if you never see it.

Posted on Feb 14, 2011, 6:08 AM

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