Davenport Library Question

by Laura Demilio

I've got a wallopping dopey Davenport Library question -- I peeked on-line at all of these lavish, modern, splashy new buildings for the municipal public library system of Davenport, and am aching in wonder: was the old library building in the same location as current main branch, and what did it look like? (Gerri, if it's in your/Rich's book, I apologize for overlooking.)

Yes yes, I'm wondering if and how often Bix as a kid and a teen might have sprinted up library steps to either got some books for pleasure reading or at least give a sturdy impression sometimes of working on school assignments. . . .

Plus I admittedly have sort of a thing for really old libraries. You've heard my musty-book saga before. Any fun info to impart, Davenporters?


Posted on Feb 28, 2011, 11:02 AM

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