Wow! Thanks, Albert!


There it is, that's the album. Thanks so very much for the info, Albert -- I say this record is definitely worth a listen to anyone out there -- really a thoughtful and introspective interpretation of Bix in the venue of cool jazz style without any of the sometimes grating late 1950's trappings (you know what I mean, apparent in some obnoxious movie soundtracks of the era or the first stabs of Muzak, which ought to have been outlawed). These musicians were really contemplating Bix and compassionately endeavoring to get what he might have meant, and it worked. And truly, what Bix's style was in composition, I will say again, really transcends time. No one can accuse his musicianship of ever being dated.

Thanks again for all the backup info and showing that album cover to the group.


Posted on Jun 2, 2011, 5:37 AM

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