This is what I hear (I mention only solos/breaks, not ensemble)

by Albert Haim

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea - bass sax  2:02-2:10

Dardanella - vibraphone 0:51-1:02, 1:24-1:28

In A Sentimental Mood - vibraphone 0-0:08  bass sax 2:11-2:28

It Ain't Right - bass sax 0:27-0:38, 2:30-2:32

'Way Down Yonder in New Orleans bass sax 2:41-2:52

So I hear Adrian in solos/breaks on bass sax and vibes. I don't hear his dynamic driving in the rhythm section I am accustomed to hear in his 1920s recordings with the California Ramblers, Fred Elizalde, Bix and Tram, etc. In most of these recordings there was no bass instrument (brass or string) other than the bass saxophone.



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