Shilkret as Red's Recording Director

by Nick Dellow

You ask if Nat Shilkret was the recording director for the Red Nichols' / Red and Miff's Stompers sessions at Victor. It seems that he was, at least for:-

Red and Miff Stompers - Oct 12, 1927 Slippin' Around (Vic 21397) Feelin' No Pain (Vic 21183)

This is according to:-


You also mention:-

Red and Miff Stompers - Feb 11, 1927 Delirium/Davenport Blues (Vic 20778)


Red Nichols' Stompers - Oct 26, 1927 Sugar/Make My Cot ... Vic 20156

However, Shilkret is not listed as the recording director for either of these sessions (though that doesn't necessarily mean that he wasn't!):-

Posted on Jul 10, 2011, 2:20 PM

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