Ray McKinley or Gene Krupa

by Albert Haim

The discography  in the Oracle Jazz Red Nichols Mosaic set for Br 6133, May 26 1931, Just A Crazy Song/You Rascal You, identifies Ray McKinley as the drummer. On the other hand, this comes from Edgar Jackson, Gramophone, Sep 1931:

Personnel of Brunswick 1163
In response to numerous requests, here is the personnel of Red Nichols Five Pennies (Amer.) for their Brunswick records issued last month of You Rascal You and Just a crazy song (1163) :Red Nichols (trumpet), Glen Miller (trombone), Jim Dorsey and Irving " Babe " Russin (saxophones), Jack Russin (piano), Perry Botkin (banjo), Gene Krupa (drums) and Art Miller (bass). This information I have had verified by the Brunswick people in New York. It is just as well I did so as it differs in two or three respects from the opinion I had previously formed. I would never have identified Perry Botkin for the simple reason that I have never heard of him, and Art Miller would not have come to my mind as the bass player. Equally I would not have suspected Glen Miller of being the trombone player. I have always admired him as a fine artist but I never realised he had such a good hot style. On the other hand I think there is little excuse for the mistaken opinion of a brother critic that the trombone was Jack Teagarden. For one thing the tone is quite different from his.
This is almost identical to what the Jazz Oracle set gives. Two differences: the Oracle Jazz set gives Perry Botkin on guitar, not banjo; and Ray McKinley, not Gene Krupa, on drums. Rust agrees with the info in the Jazz Oracle set.
So, Ray McKinley or Gene Krupa?
PS I have the vague recollecton that we discussed this before, but  froum search did not yield a relevant link.

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