I Ain't Got Nobody

by vince giordano

One of my favorite tunes, too !

The Coon Sanders version was recorded on 6/25/1927 and the California Ramblers was done on 1/27/1928. If you play them back to back you will see the arrangements are quite similar. I asked Spencer Clark many years ago if he had any info about this arrangement, but he said he could not remember...it was too long ago ! It is not a stock [ I have a few stocks of this song from the 1920s..unless it is a "special" that was published and I haven't found yet]. I really think it was transcribed by someone from the California Ramblers from the Coon Sanders recording and adapted for them. Also: the weird percussion sound beneath Tommy Dorsey's trombone solo was made by Herb Weil cupping/clapping his hands. I asked him about this and he told me this fact ! With the bass sax of Spencer Clark and Herb Weil's hand effect together, it is a unique sound for sure ! Herb and Spencer were friends from childhood and were a great rhythm team.

More about this tune: The first title of this tune was I Ain't Got Nobody Much and it was recorded by Marion Harris in 1916 and Earl Fuller's band in 1918. When it was revived in the 1920s, stock orchestrations and record labels dropped the "Much" part off the title. And finally: I Ain't Got Nobody was recorded by Ernie Golden's Orch for Edison on 9/26/1927 but was rejected...thank goodness it was...otherwise the California Ramblers version would not have been recorded !

Posted on Oct 10, 2011, 3:07 AM

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