Who Was George Rose?

by Albert Haim

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"I discussed previously the July 5, 1928 Trumbauer recording session and commented on the drummer, Harry Gale, who played drums in "Bless You Sister" and "Dusky Stevedore."

There is another anomaly in that recording session. The guitar player, George Rose, was not a member of the Paul Whiteman Orchestra. Supposedly, members of the band could cut records outside of the Whiteman name, as long as they used Whiteman musicians. However, there were four guys in the Tram recording session of July 5, 1928 who did not belong to the Whiteman band: Harry Gale, Marlin Hurt, Dee Orr, and George Rose.

We know about Harry Gale and Dee Orr, they were old buddies of Bix and Tram. Hurt was "a friend, a radio actor specializing in black dialect." [Sudhalter, booklet for the Mosaic set].

So what about George Rose? I looked him up in Rust's discographies. Rose recorded with Larry Clinton in 1939, with Ford Leary in 1940 and ....

.... with Jean Goldkette in 1928! There is the link.

After the famous Goldkette band dissolved in Sep 1927, Goldkette reconstituted it and made recordings in 1928-1929, in Chicago.

George Rose recorded with with Goldkette in Chicago on June 26, 1928 and on July 9, 1928. These dates sandwiched the July 5, 1928 date when Rose recorded with Bix and Tram. Other members of the Goldkettte band were old friends of Bix and Tram - Sterling Bose, Steve Brown, Dee Orr.

Why was George Rose in the OKeh studio on July 5, 1928? I don't know. Possibly, he dropped by the studio with Dee Orr, his fellow musician in the Goldkette band and ex-drummer in the 1925-26 Trumbauer St. Louis band. Alternatively, Tram (and Bix) dropped by to visit their friends in the Goldkette band and asked Orr and Rose to join them in the recording session of July 5, 1928. Whiteman had no "formal" guitar player in his band at the time, although Wilbur Hall played guitar, and, in fact, recorded with Bix and Tram on Sep 20, 1928 - "Take Your Tomrrow" and "Love Affairs." So why George Rose and not Wilbur Hall? It's a "puzzlement."

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