Excellent Program.


Lots of fascinating images and commentaries and music and short pieces of films, etc. I know two of the people Michael visited:

- Mark Cantor the film specialist who gave  spectacular lectures at the last two Bix festivavs in Davenport.

- Rich Conaty, the host of WFUV Big Broadcast. I started listening to the Bix Broadcast in the early 1970s, soon after Rich launched the program. I used to write to him real letters (this was before email) to encourage him and show my appreciation for all his work in conceiving and producing the radio programs.

I enjoyed seeing Michael's parents and hearing them talk about their son. I think people don't appreciate their parents. A few years ago I wrote an essay, "My Father, the Hero" and sent it to my children and grandchildren. I wish my dad had been alive; I would have sent him my essay. Sadly, too late.


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