The curse of research.


I did chemistry research for close to 50 years. I have been doing historical research for the last 15. It is a curse. As soon as you discover new information, the findings lead you to ask more questions which send you to further avenues of inquiry which uncover new data which raises more questions ... ad infinitum. Once you start serious research on any topic, there is is no end, it becomes all consuming, a "magnificent obsession." Although I have not done chemsitry research for a decade, often I wake up in the middle of the night with a new idea for expanding a piece of work I completed years ago! Jim, join the club.

Going back to the subject of interest, my understanding was that there were two separate events. One, an open service in the funeral parlor attended by friends and relatives and followed by a private (restricted to family and perhaps a few very close friends) burial. I agree with you, why aren't more names in the register? You are right, there must have been more pages and Evans and Evans only had a few of the pages, courtesy of Stan Hester. I will ask Stan how he obtained the pages and if he has anymore.


Posted on Feb 8, 2012, 6:41 AM

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