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by Albert Haim




New York Times

Aug 19, 1928.

MGM announced the production of several short Movietone shorts at the Cosmopolitan studios. Among the names of performers of interest here we find the Keller Sisters and Lynch and Walt Roesner's Capitolians.

In his article in the IAJRC Journal, May 2008, "The Dorsey Brothers - Filmdom's Favorites" Robert Stockdale gives the following information about the Capitolians short:

Sometime during the last part of 1928 Jimmy performed, along with Leo McConville, Miff Mole and other members of Walter Roesner's pit band at M-G-M's Capitol Theater, New York in one of the first sound-on-film short subjects made on Long Island. Jimmy performs two originals that affirm the high regard with which the New York music world viewed him. It is the first known film work for either of the brothers.

Unknown studio, New York, N.Y. late 1928

Walter Rosener [sic] & the Capitolians

Walter Rosener [sic] (ldr) Leo McConville, 2 unknown (tp) Miff Mole, 2 unknown (tb) Jimmy Dorsey, unknown (cl,as) 2 unknown (cl,ts) 2 unknown (p) unknown (g), (bj), (sb), (tu), (d) and large string section.

(partial:) Tiger Rag [Harry DeCosta; Edwin Edwards, Nick La Rocca, Tony Spargo, Larry Shields] (cl,as solos); I [Lew Pollack; Erno Rapee]; Hottest Man in the Band / Beebe [Jimmy Dorsey] (as solo)

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