The Geechie Call Again.

by Albert Haim

The song Organ Grinder's Swing was composed by Will Hudson with lyrics by the great Mitchell Parrish and music impresario Irving Mills.

[linked image]

It is based on the children's song I Love Coffee, I Love Tea.

The tune was recorded several times in 1936, in the US, England, Germany and France by the Hudson/De Lange orchestra, Joe Haymes, Tempo King, Hal Kemp, Frank Froeba (Rob, with Bunny Berigan), Benny Goodman, Ambrose (with Danny Polo). The definitive vocal version is by Ella Fitzgerald.

Listen to Jimmy Lunceford's version (played last night in Rich Conaty's Big Broadcast). The "Geechie Call" comes in at 1:59.

I listened to a few other versions, but did not find the Geechie Call in them.


Posted on Jun 4, 2012, 6:26 AM

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