so here's what i found....

by stu mandel

following up on this string, i went out and ultimately located what i believe are the two CD's produced commercially by robert parker utilizing his "digital stereo" remastering process. there may have been a third...i've been in touch with the australian firm that owns his rights and material, and i'm waiting to hear back.

the two i've obtained are "bix beiderbecke - great performances 1924-1930" and "bix beiderbecke". the former features most of the 1927 classics (although, notably, not "singin' the blues"), plus a few added earlier and later goodies. the latter is largely a selection of wolverines, goldkette and whiteman though for me, personally, the presence of "clementine" in wonderful high fidelity...which was the reason i initiated this string...was worth acquiring the entire disc.

i know that there are differing views on the parker sound...all of which i respect. but as for me, i very much enjoy it, and i commend these CD's to those of you who have heard a sample of parker's work and think you might like to hear more.

both CD's are available at amazon. just search "bix robert parker".

regards, stu

Posted on Jun 10, 2012, 5:45 PM

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