from monday on - a hidden gem ?

by stu mandel

hello all -

as a recently-minted bixophile, i've obtained my core grounding in 1927, bix and tram, bix and gang, etc. now, i've started to work my way through the whiteman catalogue. (note - i have some goldkette favorites, such as "clementine", and i like a number of wolverines pieces, but the poor fidelity of the recordings really limits my enjoyment).

i do like "lonely melody", and i suppose everyone listens to "changes" and "there ain't no sweet man etc."

but i am intrigued by "from monday on". you have to clear some hurdles: the opening and closing are strange to my ears; the singing is, well, of the typical style of the period; and the lyrics are sometimes painful ("we picked on monday, because its wash day...."). once you're by that however, you've got a crackling opening solo by bix, then later on a goodly chunk of some truly terrific ensemble playing (reminiscent to me of "clarinet marmalade" and "san").

anybody have any thoughts on this ?

b/t/w, atticus has all 3 versions loaded on one clip at youtube.

thnx and regards,


Posted on Jun 17, 2012, 10:28 AM

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