Isham Jones Being Guest Conductor for a recording by ....

by Albert Haim

.... the Ray Miller Orchestra was a big deal. Get a load of this article in the Music Trade Review, Feb 28, 1925.

Isham Jones Guest Conductor With Ray Miller

Innovation Among Popular Orchestras Shown

in Two New Brunswick Recordings of Ray

Miller's Orchestra

An innovation in dance records has just been

announced by the Brunswick-Balke-Collender

Co., Chicago, in the Brunswick recording of

Isham Jones' new compositions "I'll See You

In My Dreams" and "Why Couldn't It Be Poor

Little Me?" In making this number Isham

Jones has been employed as guest conductor for

Ray Miller's Orchestra, a new custom in the

jazz field, but quite in line with the advanced

position popular orchestras are taking at the

present time. The arrangement was suggested

by Mr. Jones, who is rapidly becoming one of

the foremost composers of dance music. Ray

Miller considered it a great honor that Mr.

Jones thought so highly of his Arcadia Boys,

and immediately extended the invitation, and

the first dance record under the baton of

a guest conductor was recorded.


Listen to I'll See You In My Dreams recorded by Ray Miller on Dec 24, 1924.  from Emrah

Get a load of the number of connections to Bix among the musicians: Roy Johnston & Charles Rocco-t, Miff Mole-tb, Frank Trumbauer-Cmel, Andy Sannella & Larry Abbott-cl/as, Billy Richards-ts, Rube Bloom-p, Frank di Prima-bj/g, Don Yates-vn, Louis Cassagne-bb and Ward Archer-d.


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