.....The Monday After: 1920s bandleaders reborn at Palace.

by Albert Haim

From  http://www.cantonrep.com/news/x681124278/The-Monday-After-1920s-bandleaders-reborn-at-Palace

The music of two bandleaders will return to Canton at 7:30 p.m. Saturday when Canton Comic Opera Company presents the concert A Ticket to the Twenties: A Tribute to Ted Lewis and Paul Whiteman at the Palace Theatre.

The men are gone. Whiteman, known as the King of Jazz, died in 1967. Lewis, the High-Hatted Tragedian of Song, passed on in 1971.

But, the music of two of the most popular bands of their era lingers. The original arrangements of the bandleaders will be used in the concert, said Joseph N. Rubin, executive director of Canton Comic Opera Company.

Rubin will portray Lewis in the first half of the concert, which essentially will be a variety show of the type Lewis put on when he toured the country. In the second half of the concert, Rubin will conduct the music made memorable by Whitemans band.

The Whiteman part will be more of a concert format, said Rubin. We have a 28-piece orchestra, which is what he had, performing all his songs, including (George Gershwins) Rhapsody in Blue, which is what people will remember the most.


Both Lewis and Whiteman brought their bands to Canton to perform. Whitemans orchestra performed in 1924 at Canton Auditorium and in 1927 at Land ODance. The band led by Lewis appeared in Canton in 1923 at the Grand Opera House and in 1938 at Meyers Lake Amusement Park.


Whiteman's second apperance in Canton took place on Nov 30, 1927. Bix had joined Whiteman a month earlier.

From the Evening Independent,  Massilion, OH, Nov 30, 1927.



The.management of Land O' Dance,

Canton, presents tonight America's

greatest jazz entertaining group when

it brings Paul Whiteman, himself

universally acknowledged "King

*of Jazz and his 35-pieceVictor  orchestra

Which will play in a one-night engagement

at the big ballroom.

Land O Land had several notable attractions

Form the orchestrafield this year, bands whose

names have' been headliners at the

largest ball room and theatres of the United States,

but it has brought no band that, equals Paul Whiteman's.

Paul Whiteman carries thirty-five

men with him, each one of, whom is

an artist. Their baggage fills the baggage

car and a 20 x 30 foot stage has

been specially prepared for their performance.

During the rendition of the programme,

various members of the orchestra

are elevated singly and in

groups, so that when the particular

specialty that each member or group

performs, is staged, it is in full view

of-all parts of the ball room.

Land O' Dance has arranged for

dancing to continue until 1:00 a. m.

tonight, and one admission pays for

the entire evening.


From the Chronicle Telegram, Elyria, OH, Nov 30, 1927.




COLUMBUS., Nov. 30Paul

S Whiteman is getting thin. He

only weighs 298 pounds now.

The'King ot Jazz who once was

so fat he eclipsed all but the

end men of his orchestra has

trimmed away"thirty"pounds .*.

on his jaunting around the country and

is well on his way to being only

just as rotund as a bass drum."

Whiteman expects to reduce another

15 or 20 pounds before he

feels he will be in proper proportion

to the stage and his orchestra,

he said.

"I feel much better, but I am

having: a terrible time," the noted

conductor said just before he departed

for Canton where he will

appear tonight. The band will

visit the tomb of President Mo

Kinley and play "taps".

"I had a week to kill, and knew

of no more tolerant state than

Ohio," Whiteman explained.

"That is why I am in Columbus

instead of Tombstone, Arizona."

So far as he knows no drastic

changes either In the mode or

method of music are  the offing

he said and to his way of thinking

it is just as well-

"Music as played now can be

danced to or listened to with,

equal pleasure,"' Whiteman said.

"There is no dearth of . new

rhythms and there need be none." '

Whiteman revealed yesterday",

that he likes burlesque shows.

'Is there atabloid show so

terrible that it would be fun to

see it?" he queried.

The melodic bandman hied himself

to the bald headed row at a

down town burlesque show to

while dragging hours to the accompaniment

of a rasping five piece orchestra


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