Ted Lewis. Tesch, Jimmy Dorsey and Goodman. et al.

by alex revell

Just picked up an old CD at a sale: The Jazzworthy Ted Lewis 1929-1933 on Challenge RTR79014. New to me.
Great listening. The first two tracks - Farewell Blues and Wabash Blues - have Teschemacher (spelt Tescliemacher in the sleeve notes!) on clt. Id not heard any Teschemacher of this early and the influence of Dodds is very evident. Even more so is the wonderful playing on some of the other tracks by Jimmy Dorsey, showing his admiration for Jimmie Noone in every note he plays, solos and ensemble. Great playing. Goodman is also represented, of course. I was particularly pleased to hear Dallas Blues and Royal Garden Blues again. When I was a boy in the 30s, my father had this 78 on British Columbia, along with others by Ruth Etting and Ethel Waters. It wasnt till much later that I realised that it was Eddie Lang and Venuti on some of the Ruth Etting sides. There was one Ethel Waters 78, which I particularly liked, but I cant remember the titles of the two songs. I know that I would recognise them if I saw them again, but they havent appeared in any of the CDs and LPs that I now have of Ethel. Whats more annoying about my faulty memory is that one of the tunes was the first tune I taught myself when I started to play the clarinet, I liked it so much. Going back to Ted Lewis. Is there a CD available which has the earlier sides with Don Murray on clt. To end: its a pity about the sleeves notes on the CD. I dont think Ive ever seen so many mistakes - spelling, typos etc - on a piece of writing.

Posted on Jul 19, 2012, 6:51 AM

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