The Festival

by Albert Haim

I am afraid I came back to find lots of things to do around the house and in the university. So, just a brief report.

Three great bands.

Andy Schumm and His Flatland Gang. A group of highly talented musicians doing the 1920s with authentic flair and respect for the old masters.

The Josh Duffee Orchestra. Every year they get better. Josh is expanding the repertoire and chooses extremely difficult pieces. He is a courageous young man who understands the music of the 1920s in depth and recreates it faithfully.

Jim Cullum's Jazz Band. First class musicians, showing their love and admiration for Bix's music and the 1920s era.

The new venues were great. You could go from one to the other by simply walking. The Adler theater was my favorite venue.

We stayed at the Beiderbecke Inn. Sally Beiderbecke and husband Duke were there also, and we had a lot of discussions of Bix's life and music.

Jim Petersen gave a nice presentation at gravesite paraphrasing the lyrics of "I'll Be A Friend With Pleasure."

Gerri Bowers had an excellent display of Bix memorabilia in the River Center. Will post a photo later.

Gerri and Jim were the hosts for the bus tour: I heard nothing but high praise from those who went on the tour.

Howard Braren, a relative of Bix from the Henry Beiderbecke side of the family, was the recipient of the Bix Lives Award. Howard has helped the society immensely and is a key figure in establishing a Bix Museum and Archive in Davenport.


Posted on Aug 7, 2012, 6:45 AM

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