Fascinating article and great review!

by Laura Demilio

I really enjoyed that article on the Charleston, Albert -- startling facts: I did know the Charleston dance was often banned for "moral" reasons, but never for health -- and those poor kids drowning because their boat capsized? They blamed the youngster dancing the Charleston as the cause when ANY rumpusing about by kids ina boat would have -- oh well, another way parents could scare and warn their kids, the way we were warned with wild "drug orgy" party stories by our parents in the 1970's. But those were hilarious reasons the Charleston could cause heart attacks and so forth, when probably it more likely threw out the backs of the middle-aged and out-of-shape people who tried to emulate the youngsters in nightclubs. Refer to John Held's illustration: "Teaching An Old Dog New Tricks", depicting a monocled, tuxedo-clad older gentleman dancing along with the brash flapper half his age-- and it's obviously the Charleston.

Loved the lavish illustrations, great photo of the incomparable Josephine Baker. And absolutely right on the money about the Wolverine cd review -- the engineering did not interfere, yet provided the warm, immediate sound those Gennet 78's must have had before their inferior shellac wore out.

Keep the wonderful articles coming!


Posted on Aug 8, 2012, 6:48 AM

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