No Worries...

by Frank van Nus

... for since the owners appear to insist on using steel needles on these discs, both words and music will soon become indistinguishable.

Ah well... I've always preferred Ethel Waters' "Handy Man" anyway. Some clever soul made a collage of "Handy Man" and "Do What You Did Last Night", and put it on YouTube. The clip is a bit sad, the lyrics are fairly ribald, but I believe this piano playing and singing combination is the best one the 1920s had to offer! Note James P's constant fading in and out, and both participants' perfect timing. Go on and get your spirit moved!

I agree, that has to be Siday - on the Dominion side, right? Did the studio ransack the Ambrose band for this? Yes, Elsie was a very, VERY naughty girl for doing it, but I disagree with the reviewer: he shouldn't have listened to it. The pompous twat.


Posted on Aug 26, 2012, 3:47 PM

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