The First Five Recordings of Sylvester Ahola.

by Albert Haim

They were made with Frank E. Ward and His Orchestra on Mar 25, 1924. They are available in the following CD.

[linked image]

Brian Rust wrote the liners and gives the following discographical information.

Sylvester Ahola, Eddie Brown (tp) Eddie Foley (tb) Foster Morehouse (as) Frank E. Ward (ts, dir) Harry Baltimore (vn) Lennie Powers (p) Clayton Cunningham (bj) unknown (tuba) Boogie Walker (d). The five recordings are

1. Hugo
2. The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else
3. Lots O' Mama
4. There's Yes Yes In Your Eyes
5. Jiminy Gee

Listen to the five tracks

My favorite is Lots of Mama, some good solos and fairly jazzy. 

Interestingly, Dick Hill only lists 2-5. Hooley made the test pressings available to Brian. This an example of a "territory band" in the first half of the 1920s.



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