First, the easy answers.

by Albert Haim

1. Throughout the years, people have sent me Bix-related material. I have lots of from interesting to fascinating items in the hard disk of my computer. As time permits, I put them out in the forum or the Bixography website. Remember, a few months ago, the highly informative letter from Bruce Foxman to Phil Evans? I had that for years, and it is only recently that I uploaded it. And you ain't seen nothing yet: I still have to upload letters that Bruce received from Phil Evans.  The material from Lake Forest I also have had for several years.

2. What advice would I have given Bix had he taken chemistry with me? I taught in two research universities for over forty years: freshman, seniors, graduate students, post-docs. I must have taught thousands of freshmen, many of them pre-meds (chemistry is required of all pre-meds). Some of them had serious difficulties with chemistry and would come to talk to me during office hours: they needed at least a B to apply for medical school. Some were  pre-meds not because they wanted a career in medicine but because their parents wanted them to become doctors. My advice to them was always the same. Don't do something that will determine the course of the rest of your life for somebody else; whatever you do, do it for yourself. So my advice to Bix would have been the same as I gave to pre-meds: don't go to school to satisfy your parents needs; do what is important to you. I am sure thousands of parents would come after me if they knew the advice I gave to their sons and daughters. You probably remember that I am a Libertarian and strongly advocate the right to self-determination and supremacy of the individual. So my advice is based on my principles: lead your life according to what your inner-self wants, not according to what others want for you. 

 I will respond to your comments about Bix's father later this afternoon. You raise a very important point.


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