Mark Cantor has a copy of the 1930 Goldkette film.

by Albert Haim


The movie was entitled "Wild Flowers," and it was directed by Alf Goulding, who had worked with such notables as Bebe Daniels and Harold Lloyd.  Just prior to this production, he had directed "Hells Angels" which, at this time, was an extremely successful film.

Three popular songs of the day were a part of the presentation, "Lovely Lady," "Blue Skies," and "I Love You Truly."  The Champions' signature song, "Falling In Love With You" serves as the theme song for the film.  The orchestra was led by Victor Young. Vocal harmony was provided by three personable young ladies referred to as Wynken, Blynken & Nod, while Bill Moyer's educated feet stepped through a series of intricate and rhythmic tap dances on the hood of the behemoth!

The film was shot at the Studebaker Proving Ground. The big car was situated on a hillside a few hundred yards west of the garages. Though it was pretty barren at that time, the second letter "E" of the STUDEBAKER tree sign would cover that even today.

The film lasted only nine minutes and was meant as a "filler" for theater managers to fill out a program. According to Studebaker publicity, it played extensively in RKO theaters coast-to-coast. An industry publication entitled "Exhibitors Daily Review And Motion Pictures Today" said this about the film:

One of the cleverest, if not the best, advertising reel we have ever seen is one just produced on behalf of the Studebaker automobile.  It brings in the Studebaker Champions, so well known to radio audiences, and they use a giant motor car as the stage for their entertainment.  The music is excellent, the treatment is novel, and the sum total is far and away superior to nine out of ten of the short subjects now on the market as legitimate show material.

We are sure many copies of this film were released but sadly, despite years of looking, your editor has been unable to locate a copy. If any of our members have access to old film archives, we would love to learn of the survival of at least one reel of "Wild Flowers.

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The film was shown yesterday in Los Angeles, it was announced in the jazz age facebook page.


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