I don't know where I found the quote you cited.

by Albert Haim

I looked in Evans and Evans and cannot find the quote. Evans and Evans list Hayton as drummer for the Trumbauer session of Sep 20 and the Bix and His Gang session of Sep 21. Evans and Kiner make the following comment after the listing of the Trumbauer session of Sep 20:

Trumbauer's ledgers show payments made to Bix $55 ($70 less a $15 advance); Roy Bargy, $30; Bill Rank, $50. The rest of the musicans were paid $25 each. It is curious that Lennie Hayton was paid $50 but his instrument is not listed. It has been suggested that he played drums for this session.

Interestingly, in the listing of musicians for the Sep 21 Trumbauer session, Evans and Kiner list Hayton as drummer.

Hayton is listed as drummer in the Sep 20 and 21 sessions in the booklet for the Mosaic set on Bix and Tram.

I think that Hayton is indeed the drummer in the two sessions. According the Tram's ledgers he was present in the Sep 20 session and was paid. The pianist in the Sep 20 session was Roy Bargy according to Tram's ledgers. Roy Bargy himself confirmed he played piano in the Sep 21, session, including the piano duet in Louisiana. So hat would Hayton be doing in the Sep 20 and 21 sesssions if not playing drums? This coupled with the photo of Hayton playing drums is convincing evidence to me that Hayton played drums in the Sep 20 and 21, 1928 sessions.


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