There'll Come A Time/San Antonio Shout: Same tune and more. A fascinating conflict.

by Albert Haim

Vince Giordano kindly sends the following:

Here is the There'll Come A Time/San Antonio Shout conflict.

The sheet music for "There'll Come A Time" follows here.

Both Okeh and Brunswick issued their records of "There'll Come A Time," giving composer credits to Wingy Mannone and Miff Mole and the publishing to Mills Music (in their recording files). For some reason OKeh did not credit the composers on their record label, but Brunswick did give credit to the composers.

This is crazy because the sheet music does not match these two phonograph records, yet both companies paid the two composers and the publisher.

Here are the two recordings :

Bix and Trumbauer

Red Nichols

To add to all this confusion, there is a Decca recording of "San Antonio Shout" (Decca 161). This tune has the same melody and chords as the two previous recordings of "There'll Come A Time," but the composer credits are listed as Terry Shand and Sidney Arodin (by the way, the Wikipedia entry for Arodin states that his last name was sometimes spelled Arnandan or Arnondrin or Arnondin!!!).

The final weird part of this puzzle is that this Decca recording (issued as the New Orleans Rhythm
Kings) is led by Wingy Mannone!!

Thank you for reading this. Looking forward to your thoughts. Please feel free to share this with any early jazz scholars.

Thank you, Vince. Comments anyone?


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