An essay by a dilettante.Wrong conclusion.

by Albert Haim

The question posed by Mary Herron Dupree is: did jazz become a lady (e.g., "Art Music")in the 1920s? Basically all she does is go through a bunch of examples that could qualify. No real insights or substance and, what is gravest, wrong conclusion. The last sentence in the essay is a quote: "Jazz art" was "soon created, soon liked, and soon forgotten." Forgotten? Give me a break. Gershwin's "serious" pieces are performed all the time. Just a few examples.

"An American in Paris" forgotten? What about Gene Kelly's movie?

"Rhapsody in Blue" forgotten? See NPR: "On June 23rd, 1959, Leonard Bernstein and the Columbia Symphony took their places at the St. George Hotel in Brooklyn, N.Y. and made a landmark recording of Gershwin's 'Rhapsody in Blue.'

See my posting about Vince's next month concert (Gershwin night, sold out) at the 92Y.

And who cares if some compositions in the 1920s could be viewed as being "serious" jazz music? As long as it is good music (in my opinion, of course) I don't care what it is called. And Gerswhin's compositions (both "serious" and "pop") are terrific music!


Posted on Sep 11, 2015, 8:06 AM

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