Belated Regrets and Murray "Accident" Pursued

by Coscannon

I was unaware of Peter Levinson's death or the head injury cause. I see how my comment evoked the association and memory. Very sad.

The quotation marks around [Murray's] "accident" also made an impression. You may not care to move beyond your punctuation, but I'd be appreciative if you would. This is likewise an invitation to other Murray accident doubters to step forth. A legitimate question. Nothing up my sleeve. In fact, not even a sleeve at present.

My perception that Don Murray's death was an accident stripped of quotation marks is a default position. I could be attentive to a more plausible theory supporting another scenario. It would need to be both plausible and a theory, not "Just doesn't seem like an accident to me." Generic motive and method would do for a start. Nature of assailant might help. Full backstory unnecessary, unsought, unobtainable.

Useful fact: Police found Murray near where he lived.

Some motive examples (not a comprehensive list):
*Robbery; or robbery gone awry
*Unanticipated encounter leading to sudden physical confrontation
*Deliberate intended assault meant to be a warning
*Deliberate intended assault with fatal consequences not a forbidden outcome

Method (merely a few possibilities):
*Bludgeon, cosh or something contrived to serve as such
*Lead pipe
*Powerful bare-handed punch
*Ejection from speeding car

Yes, it does get ugly. That's the inherent nature of deadly assault. I'm not a fan of gruesome matters and didn't enjoy mounting suggestions. But if people believe Don Murray's death wasn't an accident, then it's fair for me to ask them to consider the possibilities and propose what they would find more plausible. That we can't know for certain shouldn't end the thought process, shouldn't stop us from giving potential form to vague, lingering, undirected suspicion.

Posted on Sep 24, 2015, 1:58 PM

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