1926 at Roseland.

by Albert Haim

The source of the photo
[linked image]
is Ricky Bauchelle, the daughter of Doc Ryker.
Here is a better quality photo:
[linked image]

Ricky gave me a copy of the photo, the date, and the names of the musicians. 1924 seemed reasonable since Jimmy Dorsey had left the Goldkette orchestra in late 1924 to join the California Ramblers. Lou Longo would also make sense in 1924. But Russ Morgan would not. He joined Goldkette in 1925.

The photo is identified by Ralph Dudgeon as "Figure 19. The Goldkette Orchestra in action at the Greystone Ballroom, Detroit, Michigan 1925. (Courtesy Willcox Archive, SUNY Cortland)." Lou Longo might make sense in 1925 as would Russ Morgan when the Goldkette band was in Detroit. But Jimmy in 1925 in the Graystone is not possible: Jimmy was in New York all of 1925.

We know that Jimmy was hired temporarily by Goldkette in early 1926 when the Goldkette band made its first appearance at Roseland. Therefore, the only reasonable conclusion is that the photo was taken in Roseland in early 1926. Everything makes sense: Russ Morgan and Jimmy together in the Goldkette orchestra and, as Coscannon pointed out, the guy identified as Lou Longo by Ricky must be Irving Riskin.


Posted on May 30, 2016, 6:01 AM

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