In his letter of March 18, 1930 to Ruth Shaffner ....

by Albert Haim

.... Bix refers to the "King of Jazz " film as the "King of Jazz Revue."

I found this very interesting: it tells me a lot about Bix's insight.

I remind you that the negotiations between Whiteme and Universal for a suitable script went nowhere for about eight months. Some of the concepts offered by the scriptwriters were:

- A story built around the life of Whiteman.
- Paul Whiteman, with Ruth Etting being considered as a leading lady.
- Paul Whiteman as the romantic lead in the story.
- A story that would capture the essence of the life of a band.

Finally, Universal’s writers came up with the idea of a revue similar to a stage production and Whiteman agreed.

Indeed, the movie consists of a series of short sketches, songs, and dances, in short, a revue.


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