Two versions of "A Good Man Is Hard To Find" with Mole solos

by David Tenner

The 1927 version with the Red Heads:

1940 from "Jam Session at Commodore": (solo starting around 5:29)

Good as Mole is in 1927, Mole's solo in the 1940 version is, as Richard Sudhalter writes (*Lost Chords*, p. 126) "a solo of--literally--breathtaking rhythmic complexity. It is almost a cadenza over a steady pulse, so unrestrained are its phrases by beat or bar line." Sudhalter suggests that the change in Mole's style may reflect the influence of Teagarden.

(BTW, there is one of those never-ending "Pee Wee or Fud?" discographical disputes about the 1927 recording. Hilbert and Niven in *Pee Wee Speaks,* p. 9 give Pee Wee Russell as the clarinetist; Rust says it's Livingston...)

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