Miff with the Arkansas Travellers in Carmichael's "Boneyard Shuffle."

by Albert Haim

Frank van Nus writes: "I saw your Miff Mole birthday post, and I thought the attached might be an appropriate addition to the tributes; it's a partial transcription I did a few years back of one of Mole's more spectacular solo sprees."

[linked image]

The vital statistics:
Red Nichols (cnt) Miff Mole (tb) Jimmy Dorsey (cl,as) Fred Morrow (as) Arthur Schutt (p) Vic Berton (d)
New York, January 4, 1927
143262-3 Boneyard shuffle Har 332-H Velvet 1332

The sound file:

Thanks, Frank.


PS Is it my imagination or do I hear a few notes of Waiting at the End of the Road at 1:26?

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