Adrian Rollini in Sep 1926.

by Albert Haim

Adrian Rollini left the California Ramblers in Sep 1927 and organized the New Yorkers a band made up with several of the Goldkette men including Bix.

I want to bring up Rollini's recordings in Sep 1926. All the data from Rust.

Sep 24, 1926 - Goofus Five - Heebie Jeebies/Tuck in Kentucky and Smile

Sep 18, 1926 - California Ramblers - Gone Again Gal/She Knows Her Onions

Sep 24, 1926 - The Goofus Five - Crazy Quilt/Sadie Green

Sep 24, 1926 - Varsity Eight - She Knows Her Onions/Lay Me Down to Sleep in Carolina/Precious

However on Sep 22, 1926 the University Six with Spencer Clark, not Adrian Rollini, recorded That's A Good Girl/Give Me a Ukelele/Wait'll You See.

Clearly, Adrian was able to record on Sep 18 and 24 but not on the 22? Spencer Clark replaced Rollini with the California Ramblers and the satellite bands in Sep 1927. But also in one session in Sep 1926? Is it possible that Rust made an error and that Sep 22, 1926 session of the Varsity Eight has Rollini and not Clark?

Here are some music files: (no bass sax solos; bass sax only part of the rhythm section).

That's A Good Girl
Give Me A Ukelele
Wait'll You See

No solo by Rollini in Gone Again Gal:


Posted on Mar 11, 2017, 3:04 PM

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