Recorded Indication Of Veiled Disrespect?

by Fred

{Greetings Mr. Haim, this submission might belong a new header line, so I submit it arbitrarily in the present thread.}

Posters in this blog know the assorted Bix Beiderbecke-milieu biographies in much more depth than me, and so I post this to query opinion... do you know that I'm mistaken? -or- might I have a correct interpretation, etc.

Consider first a choice in Wolverines' recording repertoire, on their first session after trombonist Al Glandee had left the group - "Lazy Daddy," and with solo allotted to replacement George Brunies. A subtle 'dig' at Glandee, that number?

And now, weaving numerous strands together regarding the Tram Orch recording of "Riverboat Shuffle".... Possibly I'm mistaken at the outset, but listen closely to the saxes in the band as the last measures play out ~ 2:55 to end; these follow the high flaring ensemble note of BB's. Murray's still on clarinet there in this interval among the reeds, and without looking it up I'll guess the saxes number two or three - Tram and Ryker at least. But in this closing interval, from one sax or maybe multiple, does anyone else hear sax(es) playing several measures of trilled notes?

Trilling notes in Dixieland music, that's a New Orleans clarinet device, often on a transitioning fifth. But using a sax to trill, and for extended measures like this (do I hear wrong?) - that is different... I can't readily think of another example, in jazz age saxing.

Next notice the sax breaks at 2:35 & 2:50... does anyone else hear the sound of poking-fun in those, if not mocking? And this brings me to Hoagy Carmichael's autobiography description of saxist George Johnson as "my dear friend." If I remember right (not the bio expert here, again) Carmichael did some Indiana band touring with Wolverines players the year after BB was gone from them. This warm description by Carmichael of George Johnson prompted me to wonder, if Johnson might have been held in less esteem by BB or musicians in his circle, after BB's Wolverine time.

From reading Bixography I'm aware of the BB-Voynow friction [in contrast to that the continuing working relationship between BB and Min Liebrook]. And there are the quotes attributed to BB, latter '20s, in which BB describes his Wolverine playing with near-embarrassment.

So does anyone in this blog know if latter-'20s-Tram-BB didn't share a high regard for Wolverines' George Johnson and/or Jimmy Hartwell, and might this be heard in some of the playing on Tram Orch's 1927 Riverboat Shuffle remake?

Posted on Mar 14, 2017, 5:57 PM

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