One More Contrast Amid The Personal Dynamics Speculated

by Fred

Young BB recorded twice an old favorite of his, ODJB's Royal Garden. Unless I mis-recall, the only other title BB's bands recoreded twice* was Carmichael's Riverboat. And whereas both Royal Gardens are rendered at a bluesy relaxed pace, BB's second wax of Riverboat is taken at dramatically different tempo... as if to be definitive in making distinction between earlier Wolverines & BB's current (subsequent) work.

*[different bands across time here, not takes; and classifying all the Whiteman units as one, be they full Potato-Head or a Frankie subgroup, so as to exclude titles like Mississippi Mud (Unless I misinterpret, Tram's last vocal interjection on the Okeh Mississippi Mud pokes a little fun toward Charlie Horvath.) ]

Posted on Mar 15, 2017, 12:28 PM

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