References In The "Bingo Long" Movie

by Fred

First in preface, this post would never have occurred to me today, except that I was out driving around making errands in recent hours, during which time I heard an NPR news program discussing immanent election in The Netherlands... it must have been the Dutch accent in the spoken English of the radio segment's guest, which brought this movie memory to mind.

Second in preface, regarding the earlier-perpetuated BB biographical version reflecting negatively on hometown family - this has been debunked by more recent research, including that of Bixography.

So that movie now... "The Bingo Long Travelling All-Stars & Motor Kings"... all I know of it is the last half of which I chanced to witness, late-evening television, decades ago. It's about sporting. Explicitly it's about baseball, although various aspects of it bring Jazz Age black popular music to mind.

I'd done some library perusing of old jazz bio by the time of that sole encounter, and if I let my imagination run away with me a little, I can recall numerous moments in the movie where characters seen/heard onscreen remind one of particular Jazz Age musicians. Young Louis Armstrong with older Joe Oliver... Jelly Roll Morton in a scrape... Clarence Williams the business hustler.... I suppose there are others, but that's all I can remember today.

One more though.... A scene where a couple/three in the cast are sneaking around town at night, creeping through the bushes in a residential neighborhood, and their rustling is heard inside a home, through an open window.... From inside the home you then hear a Dutch-accented man say to another, "You've got coons in your garbage!"

All these posts of mine today, I recognize they're not readily responded to. On the other hand, discussions of movie portrayals have been blog fodder here previously.

Posted on Mar 15, 2017, 5:49 PM

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