Brendan Wolfe's New Bix Book Arrived Today!

by Laura Demilio

Well gang, here it is, delivered to our door mid-afternoon. I'm on page 86 now and am doing what I often do when I'm engrossed in a terrific book: I have to step away for a moment. This is going to be a book to DISCUSS here, and I hope people do. Damn it, I'm impressed, if anything with the writing. It's going in quite a direction.

So far -- and I stress so far -- the forum chat, when briefly referred to, has been portrayed fair and square, the little chomp on Albert notwithstanding which made me whine the original posting, how are Forumites gonna be portrayed? I'm in the the middle of the reckless bray of "Oh who cares?" for right now. Not to sound irresponsible or irrepressible, as the case may be. I just hope when you folks get your copies you'll be talking about it here.

Got to get back to it and see what's next. Yeah, I'm "getting all purple about it". . . .

Posted on Mar 16, 2017, 6:22 PM

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