It's a KEEPER..

by Debbie White

Laura, I am not quite half of the way through Brendan's book, but I'm completely captivated. My expectations were already high, but they've definitely been exceeded. I am the sort of person that has to digest things, process them, and it can take some time before I can truly express my thoughts (in other words, I'm TERRIBLE "on-the-fly"), but I look forward as well to talking about the book here. Among other attributes, Brendan has IMAGINATION, which is something that has never seemed quite welcome here on the forum. I'm not talking about professing to know details about Bix or his life that aren't based on fact - not in the least - but rather feeling free and uninhibited to consider what might exist "between the lines." There's certainly plenty of material to work with.

Posted on Mar 17, 2017, 12:30 PM

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