Also born too late

by Cynthia Williams

I grew up a little later than Mike & Brad -- I was 10 in 1972 -- but I had defiant older parents who listened to music they loved, not caring if people thought they were "behind the times" or "living in the past" (and people DID roll their eyes and say those crass things aloud to them!) But I grew up thinking old movies and music was cooler than the current fare, and when the nostalgia movement swept the country in '72, it was as if the whole world was catching up to us. Thanks to the nostalgia craze, throughout my teens I was extremely lucky to see countless silent movies & early talkies on TV and in 35mm at theaters.

Two things -- the engaging dance-orchestra score Charlie Chaplin wrote for his classic "City Lights," and a Betty Boop cartoon accompanied by sizzling Cab Calloway tunes -- set me on fire, making me the only one in my family with a passion for 20s/early 30s music. This is (to borrow a line from the movie "Awakenings") the music that moves me.

Its magic is difficult to duplicate; modern musicians are rarely able to nail that sound and technique. I'll be forever grateful to Mr. Joe Monte, who hosted an L.A. radio show during the 1990s that featured this music exclusively. I recorded that show religiously every week, and have recently begun converting my prized drawerful of cassettes into butt-kicking CDs. Thanks, Mr. Monte, for such a treasure!

Posted on Mar 30, 2017, 9:03 PM

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