by Nick Sigismondi

I'm 63 years old - pretty far gone by most standards; but compared to me (& Mark of course)you guys are REALLY moldy figs as they used to say. I don't get first of all your disdain Albert for anything in Jazz past oh say 1938; let alone the idea of someone else "defaming" Bix by putting their own spin on his compositions. I'm sure Bix himself would find this attitude funny as he had BIG EARS for ALL kinds of music. No offense but try not to be so dogmatic and dig these kids for their dedication and obvious talent; I personally thought the interpretation was top notch and the improvised section was a real added bonus that shows how DEEP these guys dug into the music to show the possibilities of what is there in the original.

Posted on Apr 6, 2017, 2:01 PM

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