An anecdote which may be relevant here

by David Tenner

"He [Coleman Hawkins] returned to Norway after his Swedish bookings ended and played for six days (until 9 February [1963]) at the Metropol Jazz Club in Oslo...The American author H.O. Brunn (who wrote *The Story of the Original Dixieland Jazz Band*) called in to the Metropol and asked, with a certain misguided boldness, 'When are you going to start to play jazz again, Mr Hawkins?' Hawk treated this inane statement with humour, saying, 'According to you I must have stopped playing jazz forty years ago!'"

Honestly, the clarinet improvisation that is objected to here would not have been particularly avant-garde or far out in 1963...

Posted on Apr 6, 2017, 5:14 PM

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