Can't Help Loving Dis Record

by Brad Kay

"Can't Help Loving Dat Man," by Bud Freeman, besides being a nightmare for Red McKenzie, is just as nuanced, tightly-arranged, eloquent and explosively dynamic as "Craze-O-Logy." This record, like a lot of dixieland, is a string of solos, sandwiched between the tutti intro and final ride-out. But what a difference. The accompaniment changes for each solo, the solos are thoughtful and embrace space. The piano solo by Dave North is excruciatingly lovely. And that ride-out, with its rising crescendo and scary, fiery finish - a dynamic detonation equal to anything; the terse, unpitying hotness of the horns, ending in one of the tightest three-point landings ever recorded - - this is sublime, urgent, committed music.

If Dixieland was THIS good, I'd listen to nothing else.

-Brad Kay

Posted on Apr 10, 2017, 5:42 PM

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