Bix had connections with so many musicians that ....

by Albert Haim

.... one could make the fallacious argument that Bix influenced all of popular music from the 1930s on. I think that would be an unreasonable stretch. What about Benny Goodman and the Dorseys? Certainly in their early days they were influenced/inspired by Bix, but by the 1930s they developed their own individual styles that had little, if any, of Bix's musical sensibility. Yes, many musicians in the Rock'n'Roll era succumbed to drugs and alcohol. Does that make Bix the factor that determined their addiction?

Here is the complete quote as given by Nick. Apologies for having truncated it in my posting:

"I feel you can't really understand Rock 'n' Roll and the myth of Rock 'n' Roll without knowing that on some level it came from Bix Beiderbecke, and the sort of live fast, die young template has really stayed in American culture."

To understand anyone who lived fast and died young in American culture it is necessary to go back to Bix? That is nonsense. Causes of drug addiction (including alcohol) vary substantially from person to person. To take Bix's alcohol addiction as the model for other junkies is irrational.


Posted on Apr 12, 2017, 7:40 AM

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