Get After Amazon

by Laura Demilio

Albert, Amazon should have sent you your copy long ago, if you pre-ordered it. I got mine -- let's see, was it four weeks ago? Contact them or the seller directly and ask them to stop stalling; that's bad business for them to treat you that way. You have to chase these people sometimes. We're all eager to jump into a discussion about this book so you must have your copy to read. Just hit the Contact Seller button and ask them what the problem is, are they waiting for a written invitation or what? You paid for the book so it's up to them to send it to you.

Some of those sellers on Amazon can be real goofballs, dawdling around about sending things and then dragging over pokey slow media mail when we pay full shipping and handling. My husband and I aggressively get after them when they are late sending stuff; we order books constantly on line. Threaten the seller with a BAD REVIEW. That'll light a fire under their --

Posted on Apr 16, 2017, 8:21 PM

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