Re: Don Murray immediately after the New Yorkers.

by Andrew J. Sammut

I have been known to enjoy the hell out of every note we are fortunate enough to have had Don Murray commit to posterity. Thanks for this music, Albert.

Another possible Murray item is "Somebody Lied About Me" by Sam Lanin's band on October 3, 1927. Tom Lord's online discography indicates the personnel on “Somebody Lied About Me” as including Andy Sannella on clarinet and alto, with “probably” Larry Abbott on clarinet and alto along with “probably” Norman Yorke on tenor. On the other hand, Johnson and Shirley’s American Dance Bands On Record And Film lists “similar” personnel on this session as well as a session immediately prior that included Murray on clarinet. The tune itself includes two ensemble spots for clarinet as well as a low register obbligato.

Here is the music. This file is straight from LP to MP3 on a non-specialist turntable, so please forgive the sound:

Please keep the Don Murray big band sides coming. Thank you.

Posted on Apr 19, 2017, 6:35 PM

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