Bix Sounds in Germany

by carl

I see Albert was too diplomatic to mention the obvious great Bix record to grace Germany, not made there but made special for them even. The G take, of course. Besides that I just stumbled on this vonderful video while googling George Brashear from Fletcher's earliest recordings. He turned out to be on a video on the Tommy Ladnier site, the video made in France. That led to another video of Tommy, this time with Noble Sissle, England, I think, not Germany, though Noble's got the mustache ready to go, and it's mostly memorable for me because you see Tommy smiling and looking untroubled, finally. The movie ends just as he stands to solo, alas. Arthur Briggs is present, too, and by luck YouTube went automatically to this Brigg's recording done in Germany in '27 and with his trumpet in a definite Bixian mode. Enjoy. By the way it looks as though George Brashear was alive and well living in Paris in 1930s with a day job as a physiotherapist.

Posted on Jun 6, 2017, 4:29 PM

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