Service to the jazz community

by Ralph Wondraschek

1) I expect a certain knowledge among the people here - no need to point out everything. And, by the way, contemporary sources are, by their very nature, extremely enlightening...
2) By posting information from primary sources not available online, a great service is provided to the jazz community. A little appreciation would be nice.
3) To first demand that a photograph is to be posted, and then provide no help when the person tells that he's having difficulty uploading images to this forum, is not polite.
4) Some appreciation would be in order if someone clears up a fact which was puzzling a thread starter - as was the case with your thread re the Earl Oliver Bell, which I clarified with a posting. Not to answer at all, I consider to be quite rude...


Posted on Jun 12, 2017, 6:33 PM

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