Your righteous defense of academic research tradition: empty words.

by Albert Haim

If you believed in the principle of sound academic research, the first thing you would have done was to provide an accurate quote of what Sudhalter wrote. Your comment:

if someone (like Sudhalter did) neglects to make use of primary sources, and furthermore defends this his failure with the false assertion that "there is little early documentation" (when a simple visit to the New York Public Library would dispel this statement), then it is the duty of every righteous researcher to point this out.

The quotation marks around the phrase "there is little early documentation" is an indication that the exact phrase was used by Sudhalter. Can you document the exact location in "Lost Chords" of where the quotation appears -page and line number?

I found the following phrases:

"the Original Memphis Five was for many years one of the most under-documented of the early jazz ensembles" page 105, lines 16=17, in the first edition/printing.

"there is still next to no literature." page 105 line 20

If you are going to claim that "furthermore defends this his failure with the false assertion that "there is little early documentation" " you'd better provide accurate excerpts, not false ones you make up. As an astrophysicist you should know that exact quotations must be provided when one makes a claim: that is one of the basic principles of sound academic research.

Let me expand. Not only specific, short phrases must be considered, but also the context of Sudhalter's chapter on the OM5:

Sudhalter further states on the points under analysis: "no oral historians saw fit to interview them". And when Sudhalter says that the OM5 is one of the "most under-documented of the early jazz ensembles" he is referring to articles by jazz historians, made obvious by the fact that he follows this sentence with "Only within the last decade has the work of Horst H. Lange of Germany and the late Bob Hilbert in the United States begun to fill in the wide gaps in knowledge of this seminal band."



Posted on Jun 13, 2017, 6:55 AM

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