this is nitpicking - and where is your apology ?

by Ralph Wondraschek

If one includes the first part of what Sudhalter wrote ("With all the principals dead..."), then Sudhalter's failure to consult primary sources becomes all the worse. He all the more should have felt the urge to remedy the situation (no interviews exist of the now dead OM5 members), by making the effort to study at least some of primary sources. Sudhalter was located in New York, so access to these at the NYPL was easy - and I guarantee you that a single visit to NYPL would have yielded dozens of these sources!

Albert, I still demand from you an explicit apology !
You accused me of deliberately having misquoted Sudhalter, and thus you tried to tarnish my reputation.

By the way, in my previous posts, I twice cited Sudhalter's above quote, and gave the exact source. If you'd only read my posts carefully, and without prejudice!

And I still want to hear from you how you rate the above Sudhalter statement ...

Posted on Jun 13, 2017, 8:49 AM

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