I don't need you to tell me about ....

by Albert Haim

.... academic discussion culture. I refer readers to my professional activities and qualifications.

You keep on repeating that I falsely and deliberately accused you of having misquoted Sudhalter. You don't understand. There was no accusation, deliberate or not. I merely pointed out a documented fact: the discrepancy between your false quote and what Sudhalter actually wrote. The discrepancy is relatively minor, but I believe -and you probably do too- that all inaccuracies, regardless of how minor they are, must be acknowledged and corrected.

I decide what (and when) I write in my postings. I am not at your disposal to respond to your demands.

This discussion has gone long enough and all you do is repeat yourself. There is no point in continuing it.


Posted on Jun 13, 2017, 12:58 PM

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