You don't understand.

by Albert Haim

You refer to censorship. That is not at all what I do. Censorship would be selective deletions of whole or parts of postings. I block individuals who take advantage of my generosity to post ad hominem attacks. You cite free debate. Have you gone back through the history of the forum? There are lots of debates, totally free, no censorship, unedited postings. As long as the forumites present arguments based on facts and reason, postings are published in toto. But when an individual begins to use the forum as a vehicle for derogatory remarks about me, I block him/her. I am the founder and owner of the Bixography Forum. Just in the same way that I decide who can or cannot come to my house, I decide who can or cannot post in my forum.


Posted on Jun 15, 2017, 3:02 PM

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